BDSM Hogtie din piele PU in negru

Reference: LV00082
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BDSM Hogtie din piele PU in negru

Reference: LV00082
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Get ready for BDSM play with this BDSM Hogtie in black PU leather!

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Play! Explore! Dare!

A PU leather black Hogtie with 4 metal snap hooks ideal for your BDSM games!
Perfect for capturing your playing partner with all four limbs and experience bondage play.

The domination game.

Almost half of men and women have fantasized dominating or being dominated.
Of course the "stigma" still exists and many think that it is some sort of sexual disorder but the reality is that when it is practiced with the consent of both parties, it is a perfectly fine way to explore new experiences and indulge into fantasies.
The same chemical combination of endorphins, dopamine and other hormones that are being produced when someone is eating spicy foods and has a pleasurable experience, makes BDSM actually quite wonderful to others.
So, next time when you think about it, if you have the consent of your partner, the only thing that you have to do is to try it for yourself!

Lose control!

The feeling of not knowing and not controlling of what is to come next can be extremely stimulating for many.
The uncertainty and fear of losing control can indeed be very exciting, specially when practiced with a person of trust.

Take control!

Being given control over another person body can feel very empowering.
The knowledge that you now have power over someone else, and they will not only willingly but gladly submit to your will, can be very exciting.

Enrich your senses!

You can make up unlimited themes for play when practicing BDSM and enjoy the pleasure to the maximum with your partner.
The limit is only your fantasy!

Never forget!

When it comes to pleasure, everything is allowed. There is no fantasy that is bad or wrong, as long as everyone in the game is respected and enjoying it and safety comes first.

• Fine black PU leather hogtie
• 4 metallic snap hooks
• Combine bondage with submission

• 24cm x 24cm

What is included in the package
• 1 black PU leather Hogtie with 4 metallic snap hooks
• Hand or Ankle Cuffs are not included

The BDSM Hogtie from PU leather in Black is available through iLove24 Romania.


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