INTENSE Anal Beads Max - bile anale din silicon in negru 18cm

Reference: LV00261
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INTENSE Anal Beads Max - bile anale din silicon in negru 18cm

Reference: LV00261
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  • 17cm
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Experience intense anal stimulation and train yourself with these quality silky soft silicone anal beads by INTENSE.

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Use this quality silicone anal beads to train your body for anal stimulation and feel the "fullness" that they can provide you either in your solo play or together with your partner.
Made by silicone and BPA free, these anal beads by INTENSE will give you unforgettable sensations!

Anal beads?

Your anus is full of sensitive nerve endings which when stimulated can provoke extreme pleasure feelings.
Anal beads are a love toy that give you an effective way to get used to anal stimulation (called also: anal training).
In their usual form are a series of joined spherical beads of different sizes and a loop or handle at the end.

A love toy for many occasions.

Anal beads are great because you can experience extraordinary feelings using them while masturbating, in foreplay, while receiving oral sex or during your intercourse with your partner.

Anal training.

Anal beads together with butt plugs can be used for anal training for "bigger things to come".
These bigger things can be a bigger love toy, a penis or gaping.
In all these cases it is always advised to "train" your anus for what is to come so your pleasure is not covered by uncomfortable feelings or even pain.

How to use them?

One thing is for sure: being relaxed or aroused definetely can help insertion become easier.
Apart from this though, it is generally a good idea to have a hot bath before or some foreplay so you relax tense muscles in your anus.
Always apply a lot of lube on your anal beads and around your anus so it helps with the insertion.
You can gradually insert the anal beads into the anus and this will stimulate these nerve endings and the internal erogenous zones of your body.
In special, for men, they can stimulate also the prostate which can provide an amazing feeling.
If you feel pain, stop, relax, use more lube, try different insertion angle and try again.

First time.

We suggest that for the first time you use your anal beads alone during masturbation because like this you will detain full control of the insertion and extraction until you give your body the necessary time to get used to the feeling and sensation they create.

What about safety?

Anal beads are designed in a way that does not permit them to get stuck or lost in your colon as long as you are using one that is specifically designed for this purpose.
Make sure though that they have a flared loop or handle at the end, so there is no chance to get lost in there!
Anal beads are usually safe as long as you take proper precautions such as using lots of lube, that matches the type of your love toy, washing, cleaning and disinfecting your love toy after usage with proper cleaning agents and storing with care.
Of course, if you are suffering from hemorrhoids, anal fissures or prostate conditions, you should seek advice from your healthcare provider first.


Because anal beads differ than anal plugs in the sense that they can reach high on your rectum, it is always advised to use before a douche or enema in order to avoid "messy" situations.
In plus, you can always use a towel and have wet towels handy.

Never forget!

When it comes to pleasure, everything is allowed. There is no fantasy that is bad or wrong, as long as everyone in the game is respected and enjoying it and safety comes first.

• Quality soft silicone
• Grip at the end for easy and safe extraction
• 8 silicone balls
• Flexible material

• total length: 18.5cm
• insertable length: aprox. 17cm
• max diameter: aprox. 3.3cm

What is included in the package
• 1 silicone anal beads love toy in black color

Bile Anale din silicon de culoare negru de la INTENSE sunt disponibile prin iLove24 Romania.


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lungime totala: 18,5cm (lungime inserabila: aprox. 17cm) - diametru max: aprox. 3,3cm

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