Erosart Aphrodisiac Tantric Oil - ulei de masaj tantric afrodisiac cu scortisoara 200ml

Reference: LV00251

Erosart Aphrodisiac Tantric Oil - ulei de masaj tantric afrodisiac cu scortisoara 200ml

Reference: LV00251
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  • 200ml
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This tantric oil by Erosart, has an aphrodisiac effect that when combined with a sensual massage, can enhance the mood and sexual drive of you and your partner.

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A quality tantric massage oil by Erosart, with a careful and exquisite formulation based on natural ingredients and fragrances that will stimulate your senses for an enhanced experience with your partner.

Essential oils that level up your mood.

Studies have shown that exist several essential oils that can raise the libido when inhaled before or during your intimate moments.
Imagine yourself receiving a sensual massage by your partner while your room is full of stimulating scents that come off from your oil covered body.
Simply unforgettable moment!

For men or for women?

Depending of the formulation of the essential oil and based on the plant extracts that it contains, aphrodisiac essential oils can have an effect on women, men or both.
Whether it is lavender, sandalwood or vanilla extracts and whether it is relaxing you or it is increasing your mood, for sure you cannot go wrong by using an essential oil with aphrodisiac properties.

The main ingredients of this oil are the Muira Puama, Epimedium, Sweet Almond oil, Peach, Cinnamon and natural oils.

Properties of the main ingredients
• Cinnamon provides a stimulating and highly pleasing odor.
• Muira Puama, is a shrub that grows in the area of the Brazilian Amazon and is considered to have a high aphrodisiac effect.
• Epidemium grows in Asia, has been traditionally used to tone and regulate sexual dysfunctions and it increases the level of testosterone, and dilates blood vessels to activate circulation.


Erosart Aphrodisiac Tantric Oil Cinnamon is available through iLove24 Romania.


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