Mini Fucker Penis Plug - mini dop tubular pentru penis 8mm

Reference: LV00201

Mini Fucker Penis Plug - mini dop tubular pentru penis 8mm

Reference: LV00201
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This mini hollow Penis Plug by KIOTOS is a perfect accessory for beginners but also for the more experienced players that are looking for extra pleasure in their life.

  •   Achitati produsele la livrare fara niciun risc!
  •   Livrare acasa prin curier rapid!
  •   Produse de calitate la preturi accesibile!

This mini hollow Penis Plug by KIOTOS will surely give you unforgettable moments during your play!

The cone shaped tip slides gently into any penis and expands slowly, increasing the pleasure as it does.
The head of your penis will then close around the plug, which will keep in in place.
The shaft of the plug is hollow which allows your fluids to flow freely to wherever you want them to.

There is a ring at the end of the plug that serves a dual purpose:
• keeps the plug from going too deeply
• can be used to attach other items such as chains, ropes, and weights

Since it is made of 100% stainless steel, you don't have to worry about anything breaking and cleaning is rather easy.
Choose the size that is right for you, and you will see how much of a difference this little plug can make.

What is a Penis Plug?

A Penis Plug is a love toy designed to be inserted in your urethra.
They come in various sizes and shapes and can have different additional characteristics.
The most common effect is that they can provide sexual pleasure to the wearer.

Some of them are hollow so they allow your body's fluids (urine or sperm) to exit easily.
Some of them have additional rings which help with longer ejaculation times.

How it works?

As the plug enters the urethra, it puts pressure on sensitive nerve endings which are located inside the penis.

This pressure can make the entire penis much more sensitive, providing easier and much more intense orgasms.
It can even help to maintain stronger erections both because of the internal stimulation that they provide and additionally if your penis plug has rings, they can surround the penis and have similar effects to cock rings.

How to use it?

First of all, you must ALWAYS inspect your penis plug before each usage for bumps or remains.
Your penis plug must ALWAYS be cleaned thoroughly before inserting it in the urethra.
It is advised to always use a proper lubricant and to never push hard.
Your urethra is a delicate part of your penis and you must be slow and careful.
Of course you must always chose the correct size of penis plug that is suitable for your penis.

Never forget!

When it comes to pleasure, everything is allowed but safety and hygiene always comes first.
Never forget to clean your love toys with appropriate cleaning solutions after your play.

• hollow mini penis plug
• stainless steel

• total length 7.8cm
• insertable length 4.5cm
• diameter 0.8cm

Mini Fucker Dop tubular Penis 8mm de la KIOTOS este disponibil prin iLove24 Romania.


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