AFTERDARK Coral Rose Heart Butt Plug - dop anal din aluminiu in forma de inima cu bijuterie de culoare rosu coral

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AFTERDARK Coral Rose Heart Butt Plug - dop anal din aluminiu in forma de inima cu bijuterie de culoare rosu coral

Reference: LV00216
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Culoarea Bijuteriei
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Get ready to indulge yourself to anal pleasures with this high quality aluminum heart shaped butt plug with coral rose jewel on the back by AFTERDARK!

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Made of high quality materials and with an elegant and sexy design, this aluminum butt plug in the for of a heart which is decorated with a coral rose jewel on the base, made by AFTERDARK, is guaranteed to give you extraordinary sensations during your anal adventures.

The only thing you have to do, is chose the size that is right for you and start enjoying unforgettable moments with your partner or even in solo play.

You and your partner will simply love it!

While it will be offering to you a mix of erotic emotions, your partner will have the most erotic view because at the bottom there is a beautiful heart shaped jewel in coral rose color which will stimulate his fantasy and mood.

Pleasure from a butt plug?

There is a misconception that the pleasure that is offered from butt plugs or anal sex, is purely because of pain.
Your anus is full of sensitive nerve endings which when stimulated can provoke extreme pleasure feelings and this can happen also without pain when properly done.
In plus, your butt hole is very close to the vaginal A-Spot and G-Spot in women and to prostate for men.
Wearing a butt plug can stimulate those nerve endings and give the wearer unforgettable emotions, either during sexual intercourse as part of a double penetration action, in solo play or simply worn during the day.

You only have to dare it so that you can feel the pleasure.

Anal training.

Butt plugs together with anal beads can be used for anal training for "bigger things to come".
These bigger things can be a bigger love toy, a penis or gaping.
In all these cases it is always advised to "train" your anus for what is to come so your pleasure is not covered by uncomfortable feelings or even pain.

What about safety?

Butt plugs are designed in a way that does not permit them to get stuck or lost in your colon as long as you are using one that is specifically designed for this purpose.
Anal plugs are usually safe as long as you take proper precautions such as using lots of lube, that matches the type of your love toy, washing, cleaning and disinfecting your love toy after usage with proper cleaning agents and storing with care.
Of course, if you are suffering from hemorrhoids, anal fissures or prostate conditions, you should seek advice from your healthcare provider first.

How to use a butt plug?

One thing is for sure: being relaxed or aroused definitely can help insertion become easier.
Apart from this though, it is generally a good idea to have a hot bath before or some foreplay so you relax tense muscles in your anus.
Always apply a lot of lube on your butt plug and around your anus so it helps with the insertion.
Slowly insert the butt plug by increasing gradually the pressure.
If you feel pain, stop, relax, use more lube, try different insertion angle and try again. Of course you can always use a smaller butt plug as this will make the insertion easier.


If you are just starting to explore the world of anal pleasures, it is advised to start with a smaller butt plug and work your way to the bigger sizes.

Never forget!

When it comes to pleasure, everything is allowed. There is no fantasy that is bad or wrong, as long as everyone in the game is respected and enjoying it and safety comes first.

• Quality aluminum
• Heart shaped jewel at the base
• Elegant and erotic design

size M: total length 8cm (insertable length aprox. 7.5cm) - max diameter 3.4cm - 95gr

What is included in the package
• 1 aluminum butt plug with a heart shaped jewel in coral rose color

Dop Anal din Aluminiu cu bijuterie in forma de inima in rosu coral de la AFTERDARK este disponibil prin iLove24 Romania.


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size M: total length 8.2cm (insertable length aprox. 7.5cm) - max diameter 3.4cm - 92gr

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