EASYTOYS Anal Shower Head Nozzle - irigator anal negru pentru dus de calitate

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EASYTOYS Anal Shower Head Nozzle - irigator anal negru pentru dus de calitate

Reference: LV00253
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If you are worried before your anal play, use this quality anal shower enema, by EASYTOYS, before you engage in your play, for a fresh and pleasant experience.

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With this very easy to use and effective anal shower enema, by EASYTOYS, you can relax from too much worries because it can provide you a nice, clean and pleasant experience during your anal play.
Thanks to its holes, you can clean all around your rectum interior.

Anal cleaning?

It is not a secret that anyone that had the idea of engaging into anal play, either alone or with a partner, has been worried about excrement that could affect or even destroy the whole experience.
Although your rectum is designed to keep excrement as high as possible and releasing it when it is time, the worry always exist and we all know that worries before intimacy can kill the moment.

Shower or anal douche?

Although with a good bath or shower, in most of the cases you will be safe from "accidents" happening, if using an anal douche or anal shower enema makes you feel more sure and relaxed, then simply you should go for it so you can enjoy better your experience.

Is it safe?

As long as you are using a product specifically made for this purpose, together with lube, you can avoid having injuries in your rectum and minimizing chances of unpleasant infections.

Anal douche or anal enema?

An anal enema, involves an accessory that you mount on your shower.
While being effective, you can always though injure the inside of your rectum because of too much water pressure or even worse because of unregulated heat (which is a very usual thing to happen in the shower), so be sure that you control the temperature and the flow of water carefully.
With an anal douche, you control the temperature and the flow, and thus, it is considered to be more safe from these points of view.

How to use it?

First of all, the anal shower enema has to be clean.
Stand on the shower with one leg lifted on the side of the bath or if you want to do it above the toilet, place one foot on the toilet seat itself, so the contents of your rectum will end up in the shower or inside the toilet.
Relax your anus by using a lubricated finger to make it expand.
Lubricate the tip of your anal shower enema.
Gently start to be inserting the nozzle inside your anus.
When the nozzle is in, you can start releasing water.
Each time, wait a few seconds before you remove the nozzle from your anus.
Repeat the process until the liquid that comes out is clean.
Of course do not forget to have a nice shower after to clean everything.

Never forget!

When it comes to pleasure, everything is allowed but safety and hygiene always comes first, so make sure you clean your love toys and accessories properly after each use.

• easy to use
• mounts on standard 1.27cm shower hoses

• total length 13cm
• max. diameter 2cm

• choose a water based anal lube for the nozzle before insertion from our anal lubricants collection

Anal Shower Head Nozzle in black by EASYTOYS is available through iLove24 Romania.


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