Chiloti Sexy PASSION Fucsie - tanga sexy in fucsie

Reference: LV00145

Chiloti Sexy PASSION Fucsie - tanga sexy in fucsie

Reference: LV00145
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  • One Size
  • Fucsie
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Dare to feel and be sexy all day long with this sexy tiny fuchsia thong by PASSION Lingerie!

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  •   Livrare acasa prin curier rapid!
  •   Produse de calitate la preturi accesibile!

Brought to you by PASSION Lingerie, this extremely sexy and tiny thong in fuchsia can be used for a hot night, not only in your bedroom with your partner but also as part of your everyday outfits.

Surprise your partner!

Surprise your partner by revealing yourself in this tiny and sexy fuchsia thong that sends the message that you are ready for all!

Feel sexy all day long!

You don't have to wear your PASSION Lingerie sexy thong only for your intimate moments.
You can easily include it in your daily garderobe and feel sexy all day long!

Never forget!

Wearing a sexy garment, is not only about the looks, but it is also about feeling sexy, desired and with self confidence that can guide you through your day or night for success.

• Tiny thong
• Quality materials
• Very sexy

• Polyester

Available sizes (from producer)
One Size fits all

What is included in the package
• 1 sexy fuchsia tiny thong

Live every moment of your life with PASSION!

Tanga sexy in fucsie de la Passion Lingerie este disponibil prin iLove24 Romania.


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