KIOTOS P-Spot Anal Lock - dop anal din silicon pentru prostata cu inel

Reference: LV00233

KIOTOS P-Spot Anal Lock - dop anal din silicon pentru prostata cu inel

Reference: LV00233
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  • 8,5cm
  • Silicon
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Enjoy prostate massaging with this silicone P-Spot anal lock with ring by KIOTOS.

  •   Achitati produsele la livrare fara niciun risc!
  •   Livrare acasa prin curier rapid!
  •   Produse de calitate la preturi accesibile!

With this anal plug, specially designed to stimulate your prostate, we are sure that you can experience new sensations in your orgasms!

Made with high quality silicone, by KIOTOS, and equipped with a ring, it will always stay firm in place.

Because it is made from good quality silicon, which is flexible, you will manage to insert it easily and find the right spot for your prostate stimulation.

It has an egg shaped like ball with 2.9cm in diameter, while the ring has an internal diameter and it is flexible for maximum comfort.

P-Spot (or Male G-Spot).

While for most men the idea only of someone touching their prostate sounds completely unattractive, the reality is that stimulating the prostate can bring new limits to sexual enjoyment and pleasure.

The reason is because the prostate in men, has many nerve endings (just like the clitoris in women) and its stimulation can be a highly sensual experience.

P-Spot stimulation changes my sexual orientation?

For sure not!

It is up to you to decide your sexual orientation and prostate stimulation has nothing to do with it.
It is the same like a woman is using a dildo; would you say that she has changed her sexual orientation? Absolutely not!

The only thing that you need is to open up your mind and get ready for new experiences, either solo or with your partner.

What do I have to do before?

Make sure your (or your partners) hands are clean and your nails are clipped short.
Use lubricant to make the insertion easier.
Make sure that you are in the correct "mood" before you start so that your body will actually help you and not "work against" you.
Do not hold your breath! Breath slowly and steadily.
Never push hard but take it slowly so you do not feel discomfort at any point.
If you feel discomfort or pain, simply pull out and try a bit later on after you relax yourself.

How can I find my prostate?

Your prostate is located about 5cm from your rectum and towards your belly.
You can try locate it by lubing up a finger (remember: clean hands and clipped nails short) and inserting aproximately 5cm.
Then you can wiggle it around a bit feeling the inner walls and applying different amounts of pressure.
Be sure that when you find it, you will know it!

Is it a "messy" job?

There is a misconception that fecal material is in your rectum.
Fecal material is NOT stored into the rectum.
Fecal material comes through intestines and passes through the rectum and the anus.
That said, still if you feel uncomfortable with the idea, you can always use an anal douche or enema before you start.
(you can check out our collection of douches/enemas)

Never forget!

When it comes to pleasure, everything is allowed. There is no fantasy that is bad or wrong, as long as everyone in the game is respected and enjoying it and safety comes first.

• Quality silicone
• Designed for prostate stimulation
• Ring for pennis

use water-based lubricants

• total length 10.8cm
• insertable length 8.5cm
• plug diameter 2.9cm
• ring internal diameter 4.5cm

What is included in the package
• 1 silicon P-Spot anal plug with ring

Dop Anal din silicon pentru Prostata de la KIOTOS este disponibil prin iLove24 Romania.


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0,2 kg
lungime totala 10,8cm (lungime inserabila aprox. 8,5cm)
diametru dopului 2,9cm
diametru inelului 4,5cm

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